Cherry Blossom First Anniversary Newspaper Art

I thought I would share my latest custom newspaper yarn art pieces with you – as it’s one of my favourites. It was for my sister’s first wedding anniversary for which I had sourced the newspaper on the day it was published a year ago – that’s forward planning for you! I wasn’t sure what to make, but on flicking through the paper I noticed quite a lot of dusky pink paper.

pink pages in the paper

My sister loves this colour and so the idea of cherry blossom was born. This was the last of a few different sketches working out a design. The pages full of chocolate brown/reddish brown ink in photos was really useful for making the branch. And a lot was needed to wind around for a 3D branch.

final sketch of design

Because the blossom would be delicate, I thought I might have to abandon the yarn to get the right effect and decided after some playing around to go with cutting out shapes and moulding them. I tried some yarn birds but they didn’t have the right look. I decided to use some old dictionary that I had. Luckily I hadn’t used up the “Marriage” entry!

It was fun picking out words to use in the flowers. Unfortunately, “Believe” also came along with “Brexit” but I knew that would be a source of amusement so in it went!

After painstakingly attaching blossom and leaves (from green pages, that had to be glued together to make each leaf green on both sides), to my newspaper yarn branch, I had something vaguely resembling my design.

I even managed to cut out the couple’s names from the newspaper to add in blossom form!

All that was left was to find some suitable words in the newspaper to add as tags with gold thread. Going through the paper searching for wedding specific words feels impossible, but somehow I always seem to find them! And two little bird outlines from the dictionary worked well too.

And Ta-Da! The final piece! Phew! Completed just in time too!

The last little thing I like to do is to add something from the newspaper itself on the back. I don’t want it to be a sad or infuriating news story so I try to avoid the big stories. I have used the weather forecast before as it is accompanied by a colourful graphic too. I think I lucked out with this little morsel though as it exactly the kind of thing my sister likes!

Perfect. I am often very pleasantly surprised by the results of commissions because they often seem impossible about half way through and then they take shape and usually look slightly better than I thought it would!

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