Cheesey, baked food stuff for eating

As you know, I struggle with preparing food, despite what DWP would have you believe. Once in a while I summon the energy to make something isn’t a ready meal or random snacks. So here is my quick and simple meal idea that depending on how big the dish you use is, could feed you for a week.

Get an oven dish – a big deep one.

Boil a few cups of water

Pour water in the dish with some dried gluten free pasta (a layer on the bottom), just cover the pasta with water

Leave it to soak and have a little sit down

I get a load of frozen veg out – I love the grilled sliced frozen aubergine from waitrose/ocado but also works with just sliced carrots, sliced peppers, beans, frozen spinach or any or all combinations of the above.

I get some garlic oil out (olive oil that has had some garlic sitting in it)

I also use frozen pre-chopped chillies, chives, basil you can either buy this already chopped or you could also chop and bag up the stuff from fresh one day and keep in the freezer for cooking-days.

After a few minutes the pasta is a little bit softer. If there’s LOADs of water I pour most of it out. If there’s just a bit or I can’t be arsed I leave it.

Chuck into the oven dish: frozen veg as you desire, quorn mince or similar if you like and then empty a tin of chopped tomatoes/tomato passata, or something like that in along with  a goooood glug of garlic oil and frozen herbs.

Add some salt and pepper and if you have some, maybe a splash of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice.

Important bit: Throw in a bag of pre-grated cheese, or shove some sliced cheese on top to cover the food.

Put it in the oven at approx 180-200 degrees for about 25-35 mins. It will all be cooked, but you may want your cheese a bit toastier or your veg and tomatoes a bit minglier. Even if you can’t wait – you can grab a bit to eat and leave the rest in the oven a bit longer!

Eat and burn your mouth and hot cheese – or be good and wait till it’s cooled down a bit.

I have no idea if there is a good vegan cheese you could sub in that would taste good in here. There are lactofree cheeses and there also I find I am okay with full fat hard cheese.

You can keep it in the fridge for a few days or freeze portions or eat the whole lot in one go, but you may overdose on cheese.

Warning: there is annoying, hard washing up – I tend to leave my dish soaking in washing up liquidy water for about a week before attempting anything with it (some days I may replace the warm soapy water but it hangs around for quite some time before being clean again. But the benefit is you’ve made shed loads of food!


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